Jesus Christ

We believe in the good news that we can have peace with God, forgiveness of our sins, and the sure hope of eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ. This is all made possible through his death on the cross in our place, and his rising to new life. The heart of Christian life is to know Jesus personally, and we want to strengthen this relationship in all who come to St James.


The Bible

We are an evangelical church, which means we believe that the Bible, (both Old and New Testaments), is inspired by God and tells the truth about God and his will for people, and so has authority to guide us today. Above all the Bible tells us about Jesus Christ. The Old Testament prepares for the coming of Jesus, the Gospels tell of his life and the rest of the New Testament spells out its meaning for all people.

Our faith grows strong as we read the Bible for ourselves, discuss it with others, and hear it preached about in church. So teaching based on the Bible is central to the life of St James.

St James in Church Times

St James features in a Church Times article "Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but it is the Church of England". Click here to read.

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